The Eye in Hand represents the earth, moon, and sun surrounded by the five planets that are visible to the naked eye. The planets visible to the naked eye are represented by displaying the number of fingers that correspond to their order from the Sun*: 1= Mercury, 2 = Venus, 3 = Mars, 4 = Jupiter, 5 = Saturn. The "one that burns" is the Sun. The "one that shines" is the Moon. "Two swift lights" are Mercury and Venus. "Two slow lights" are Jupiter and Saturn. "The red one" is Mars.

The eye is the sun and moon joined as in a total solar eclipse. The new moon in silhouette is the pupil, from the Latin "pupilla", for the "little doll" or "puppet" that you see when you look closely into the pupil of an eye, a reflection of yourself. Self knowledge is thus born of reflection. This is the hand of the Puppeteer, who represents the meta-self, the cosmic person, the teacher. We are the pupils. The hand is earthly experience. The eye is awareness. **********************************                           Back to Codex
* This same order was proposed by the ancients, but they took the Earth as the center of the system.