If we are as puppets, how marvelous the Puppeteer.

This is like an ancient illustrated scroll, so scroll up and down for the full effect. Click on the pictures to delve deeper into the universal truths and symbolism behind the verses. As you decipher this Codex, you will discover the world and your place in it, through familiar symbols and essential pictographs. The olden ways of understanding the every-day mysteries of time, space, matter, and energy, will be revealed. This celebration of rhyme and reason illustrates the principal "as above, so below" with the help of a handy, near mythical, card-playing, joker of a character, known as the Puppeteer. Imagine that the Puppeteer maintains the cosmic status quo through imitative magic, by playing cards.  Table of Contents                                             Next Page


The Puppetteer's Hand

    Shuffling and dealing and arranging arrays,
keeping track of the years, months, weeks and days,
a person, a place, and a how do you do, appear in the hands that the Puppetteer plays.

Observe the wandering lights in motion along unseen circles inscribed on the dome above. One that burns and one that shines,
five that follow the others' lines. Two swift lights ever by the sun. Two slow lights creeping along. In between the red one.


The Sun on the shore and the Moon on the tide come together as groom and bride, whose bodies joyfully entwine to perpetuate the generations forever in time.


Young and old share this biosphere

Four weeks in a month, four seasons in a year.


Earth, water, fire, air, all creation is present there.


Twelve Moon cycles through the stars
as the Sun makes only one.

Twenty-eight times the Sun will burn to mark the place the Moon returns.

For a good part of a week day and night the New Moon hides for the Sun is lighting the Moon's other side.

Full Moon rises as the Sun goes down. Full Moon sets as the Sun comes back around.

First Quarter Moon rises after noon

after midnight rises the Third Quarter Moon.

Stick around for fifty-four years, to see the black Sun when it reappears.


Face Polaris day or night, west is left and east is right. The first Moon to view as it waxes bright, is a crescent Moon setting as day becomes night. The last Moon to view before it wanes away is a crescent Moon rising as night becomes day.

Out at night, stars shining bright, the Dipper points north to one steady star.

Turn about, the Cross points south.

How many, why, who, what, when, where?

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