The Puppeteer's Cosmic Puzzle is perfect for pseudopsychic reading. The reader invites the readee to select a meaningful number of cards by some process and arranges them face down on the table between them. As the cards are turned face up one at a time the reader draws upon the meanings and associations apparent in the imagery to engage the readee in a conversation that addresses the concerns, questions, hopes, and dreams, etc. of the readee.

Each suit answers a question,  has an array shape, a color, and a number. As expressed in the Codex, each suit meaningfully flows to the next. Cards often point to suits other than their own and have multiple associations: the hand cards correspond to head, and left and right limbs, planets (hence orbital relationships such as proximity and velocity or rate of change), and days of the week; the face cards indicate gender, age, kinship, season of the solar year, and week of the lunar month. Revealed meanings are explicit, not hidden. Have fun.